April 29 8:00 PM

Graham Playford Duo

Graham Playford is a singer and guitarist based in Toronto, Ontario.

At any one of his shows, Playford’s love for sharing his music with an audience is evident.  His debut release ‘Hammer to Steel’ reflects his earliest influences of acoustic folk music, while his more recent material explores elements of roots and soul.  

These days he’s fascinated with the sound of old hollow body electric guitars and his classical guitar foundation has evolved to incorporate the expressive nature of blues and the explosive power of rock and roll.  

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May 06 8:00 PM

Nolan Hubbard

Nolan Hubbard boldly emerges as vocalist, guitarist and composer of evocative acoustic-pop masterpieces with the forthcoming release of his debut album and his moving and memorable lead-off single Today.

The album was recorded in Nashville alongside top session players, and was produced by Canadian industry veteran Douglas Romanow. The time spent in Music City USA proved to be edifying and encouraging for Hubbard, as he felt both in awe of the surroundings but also emboldened by the experience – awed by the significance of being one of the mecca’s of the music business, but also emboldened because he came to realize that he had what it took as a songwriter and player to hang with some of the world’s best. For full bio see artist link. 

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May 13 8:00 PM

Zachary Lucky

Zachary Lucky’s Everywhere A Man Can Be is a rare album that transcends the boundaries of folk and country, simply by seeking the truth. Already hailed as a master storyteller by outlets ranging from No Depression to Exclaim!, Lucky’s new nine-song collection is his most powerful statement to date, with his sonic palette given a wide range of new colours through contributions from some notable Canadian indie rock names, led by producer and pedal steel virtuoso Aaron Goldstein.In many ways, Everywhere A Man Can Be comes as a reaction to the Saskatoon native’s acclaimed previous release, The Ballad Of Losing You, which delved deeply into personal themes. The new album’s material instead finds Lucky looking outward, drawing from people and places he encountered while touring the world over the past several years.That’s best displayed on tracks such as the slow-burning opener “Lost My Way (Now And Then),” as well as “Sell All You Have” and the title track, with their echoes of vintage Gordon Lightfoot. But for all that Lucky shares in common with the great singer/songwriters, both past and current, his style is all his own, and he’s truly captured it for the first time on this record.“It feels very Canadian to me,” is Lucky’s personal take on Everywhere A Man Can Be. “We went into making it without any mindset of how it should be. We just wanted to get some people involved who really knew how to play their instruments and see what we could do together. I’ve never made a record in this way before, and I firmly believe it’s the purest thing I’ve ever done.”

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May 20 5:00 PM


May 27 8:00 PM

The Young Novelists

Through their rich but rustic sound, Toronto roots-rock outfit The Young Novelists deliver a dose of honesty in audible form.

Made us strangers, their upcoming sophomore effort, showcases a significant sonic progression for the band. Ripe with raw but elegant instrumentation and stacked multi-layered harmonies, their pure take on folk-tinged rock translates equally well from the stereo or stage. (See artist link for full bio)

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June 03 8:00 PM

Taylor Angus

Taylor Angus is one of Canada’s brightest new talents. A gifted young singer and songwriter whose music seamlessly blends jazz, folk, and soul, Taylor has achieved a lot before being old enough to finish high school. 

A self-taught musician, she taught herself Guitar, 

Piano, The Dulcimer, and 6 other instruments by ear and discovered songwriting two years ago. 

Just a little over a month after Taylor performed at Bluesfest, she flew to Los Angeles to record five original songs at Interscope Studios with legendary producer Thom Panunzio. These recordings and Taylor’s natural charisma as a performer helped attract the attention of the Canadian Music Industry and was offered a management deal in 2015.

Recently Taylor has decided to part with the management company and pursue her career without a label.

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June 10 8:00 PM

Sue and Dwight

Contemporary folk music with a few twists.

Born too late to be part of the 1960’s folk revival, Winnipeg born, Toronto based Sue and Dwight embody the musical spirit of that time. Their songs about the prairies, life in the big city, and travels in East Africa impart human stories of peace, courage, and social justice. Their unique Canadiana style has been described as a more modern Ian & Sylvia, featuring passionate vocals and warm harmonies on a bed of acoustic guitars with a touch of accordion.  Fixtures on the Toronto music scene and subway buskers to boot, Sue and Dwight have completed long term residencies at iconic roots clubs the Cameron House and Tranzac Club, and have performed at Hugh’s Room and the Free Times Café.  The duo’s 3rd CD, For A Moment, has resided in Stingray Music's Folk-Roots (Canada) top 100 since its 2016 release.

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June 17 8:00 PM


Mayhemingways are an alt-country, bluegrass, and Cajun music duo from the musical hotbed of Peterborough, Ontario. Their music drifts timelessly between traditional music and something brand new. Benj Rowland sings lead vocals and plays numerous instruments including accordion, banjo, guitar, and foot pedal bass. Josh Fewings adds back-up vocals and percussion. Their sound is full and so is their touring resume, having toured as far west as Dawson City, Yukon twice and numerous times to the Maritimes and Newfoundland. The duo recently released their first self-titled EP, recorded by James McKenty who has worked with great Canadian acts like Blue Rodeo, The Sadies, Cuff the Duke, Gordon Pinsent, and many more. Their music fits in many settings, from quiet house concerts to big festivals.

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July 22 8:00 PM

Abigail Lapell

Toronto’s Abigail Lapell draws freely from folk-roots, indie and punk rock traditions. She received the 2016 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award, and NOW Toronto called her a “musician to watch” in 2017. Lapell has toured across North America, Europe and the U.K., performing on vocals, piano, harmonica and finger style guitar. Hide Nor Hair, her sophomore CD/LP, is out now via Coax Records.

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